Tufftec Lockers - versatile, tough , and fully customizable, Tufftec Lockers® provide the most durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing locker solutions in the industry.

At Scranton Products, our guiding philosophy is to develop products that are exceptionally strong, sustainable and that stand up to the most challenging environments. Made from high-performance HDPE, our Tufftec Lockers®, withstand the harshest daily use, providing years of maintenance-free storage solutions while offering a broad range of styles, and options to meet your most demanding specifications.

  • IMPERMEABLE TO MOISTURE Tufftec Lockers® non-porous, solid plastic surface never rusts and does not support growth of mold and mildew

  • CLEANER, HEALTHIER Tufftec Lockers® are power washable and steam cleanable

  • MRSA RESISTANT Solid HDPE plastic does not support growth of bacteria

  • HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE 10 times more impact resistant than metal

  • NO PAINTING Solid color throughout, Tufftec Lockers® never need painting

  • EASY GRAFFITI REMOVAL Graffiti is easily wiped clean with a common, non-abrasive cleaner



From one tier, to multi tier, to athletic and z-style lockers, Tufftec Lockers® provide highly versatile, tough, aesthetically pleasing solutions for all your locker applications


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When you choose Tufftec Lockers®, you are supporting a healthier environment. Tufftec Lockers® reduce industrial waste by using a blend of virgin and pre and post-consumer recycled content to produce a high quality product that is 100% recyclable.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Tufftec Lockers® meet strict criteria for products intended for use in environments for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly). Because Tufftec Lockers® never need painting, they do not contribute to VOC emissions, which improves both indoor and outdoor air quality. In addition, they can be power-washed or steam cleaned, eliminating the need for harmful chemical cleaners.

• Made from recycled materials
• 100% recyclable
• Contains 25-100% pre & post-consumer content
• No painting means no VOC emissions
• Resists mold, mildew, fungus & bacteria
• 100% post-consumer material available
• Contributes points to Leed certification
• GREENGUARD Gold Certified




Proudly made in the USA. Scranton Products brands provide industry leading protection. We are so confident that our plastic partitions will stand the test of time and that they are backed with a full 25 year warranty covering breakage, corrosion and delamination under normal conditions.


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